- Civil and Building Materials 2018

ICCBM 2018: The 2nd International Conference on Civil and Building Materials 2018

Conference Venue

January 20-22, 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan

Shiiki Auditorium
Ito campus of Kyushu University

Address: 744 Motohioka Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi 819-0395, Japan
Tel: +092-802-2160, 2161
Mail: shiikihall@jimu.kyushlu.ac.jp


Kyushu University is dedicated to holistic education, the cultivation of the whole person and the reintegration of knowledge through interdisciplinary education and research. In teaching and research, they seek to embrace both specialist and generalist approaches, nurturing both academic excellence and the highest ideals of the human spirit. In this way, they strive to fulfill their mission of contributing to society by producing creative and spontaneous graduates who can think and act both locally and globally in pursuit of truth and liberty.

Shiinoki auditorium which located in Ito campus of Kyushu University,  is founded by Masakazu Shiiki (Fukuoka Prefecture Yukuhashi born, 1928 - 2016). In October 2003, the One hundredth anniversary of university, it was donated to the University. Now It has reached the preeminent highest level in the world. 

The auditorium consists of a main concert hall and an administrative building with a circle of 100 m in diameter. Concert Hall, up to be about 3,000 houses, is including the University of the entrance ceremony and diploma ceremony. It can be used in various conferences and large-scale events. In addition, facilities in the auditorium, the concert hall, and administration building can be utilized also as a lecture room, permanent and galleries / exhibition corner, equipped with a restaurant, conferences, lectures, concerts, general and exhibitions. It is a facility which can be used widely also for people, local people.

Planimetric Map


Access map:

  • Fukuoka Airport →(Subway Kuko Line)→Meinohama Station (Transfer JR Chikuhi Line) →Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Station

  →Showa Bus→Ito Campus
Alternatively, board a train bound for NishiKaratsu or Chikuzen-Maebaru, which eliminates the need to transfer at Meinohama Station.

  • Fukuoka Airport →(Subway Kuko Line)→Hakata Station→Nishitetsu Bus→Ito Campus

JR Train
  • JR Hakata Station→(Subway Kuko Line)→Meinohama Station (*Please see “Airplane” above.)

  • JR Hakata Station→Nishitetsu Bus→Ito Campus

Nishitetsu Train
  • Nishitetsu-Fukuoka Station →(Subway Kuko Line) →Meinohama Station(*Please see “Airplane” above.)

  • Nishitetsu-Fukuoka Station →Nishitetsu Bus →Ito Campus

Highway Bus
  • Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Center →(Subway Kuko Line)→Meinohama Station(*Please see “Airplane” above.)

  • Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Center →Nishitetsu Bus →Ito Campus